Thursday, March 15, 2012

1004.2725 (Carlos Escudero et al.)

Origins of scaling relations in nonequilibrium growth    [PDF]

Carlos Escudero, Elka Korutcheva

1005.0922 (L. Kilanski et al.)

The magnetic interactions in spin-glasslike Ge/1-x-y/Sn/x/Mn/y/Te
diluted magnetic semiconductor

L. Kilanski, R. Szymczak, W. Dobrowolski, K. Szałowski, V. E. Slynko, E. I. Slynko

1105.3483 (Li Mao et al.)

Hole-doped semiconductor nanowire on top of an s-wave superconductor: A
new and experimentally accessible system for Majorana fermions

Li Mao, Ming Gong, E. Dumitrescu, Sumanta Tewari, Chuanwei Zhang

1107.4108 (Paolo Michetti et al.)

Tunable quantum spin Hall effect in double quantum wells    [PDF]

Paolo Michetti, Jan C. Budich, Elena G. Novik, Patrik Recher

1109.5983 (Yaacov E. Kraus et al.)

Topological States and Adiabatic Pumping in Quasicrystals    [PDF]

Yaacov E. Kraus, Yoav Lahini, Zohar Ringel, Mor Verbin, Oded Zilberberg

1110.5149 (Annica M. Black-Schaffer et al.)

Strong potential impurities on the surface of a topological insulator    [PDF]

Annica M. Black-Schaffer, Alexander V. Balatsky

1112.3251 (O. Henrich et al.)

Rheology of Lamellar Liquid Crystals in Two and Three Dimensions: A
Simulation Study

O. Henrich, K. Stratford, D. Marenduzzo, P. V. Coveney, M. E. Cates

1112.3884 (Y. Kim et al.)

Magnetophonon resonance in graphite: High-field Raman measurements and
electron-phonon coupling contributions

Y. Kim, Y. Ma, A. Imambekov, N. G. Kalugin, A. Lombardo, A. C. Ferrari, J. Kono, D. Smirnov

1112.4931 (K. Sasaki et al.)

Pseudospin for Raman D Band in Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons    [PDF]

K. Sasaki, K. Kato, Y. Tokura, S. Suzuki, T. Sogawa

1203.2944 (R. N. Bhowmik et al.)

Room temperature ferromagnetism and giant permittivity in chemical
routed Co1.5Fe1.5O4 ferrite particles and their composite with NaNO3

R. N. Bhowmik, P. Lokeswara Rao, J. Udaya Bhanu

1203.2637 (Shuang Tang et al.)

Phase Diagrams of Bi1-xSbx Thin Films with Different Growth Orientations    [PDF]

Shuang Tang, Mildred S. Dresselhaus

1203.2639 (J. Toulouse et al.)

Dielectric transparency induced by hetero-phase oscillations near the
phase transition of relaxor ferroelectrics

J. Toulouse, R. K. Pattnaik, L. A. Boatner

1203.2691 (Jianping Wang et al.)

Temperature Dependent Empirical Pseudopotential Theory For
Self-Assembled Quantum Dots

Jianping Wang, Ming Gong, Guang-Can Guo, Lixin He

1203.2702 (Wenxu Zhang et al.)

Comment on "First-principles studies on magnetic properties of rocksalt
structure $M$C ($M$=Ca,Sr, and Ba) under pressure"[Appl. Phys. Lett.

Wenxu Zhang, Zhida Song, Wanli Zhang

1203.2745 (Baojie Feng et al.)

Evidence of silicene in honeycomb structures of silicon on Ag(111)    [PDF]

Baojie Feng, Zijing Ding, Sheng Meng, Yugui Yao, Xiaoyue He, Peng Cheng, Lan Chen, Kehui Wu

1203.2747 (A. Mugarza et al.)

Electronic and magnetic properties of molecule-metal interfaces:
transition metal phthalocyanines adsorbed on Ag(100)

A. Mugarza, R. Robles, C. Krull, R. Korytar, N. Lorente, P. Gambardella

1203.2784 (D. A. Muzychenko et al.)

Noninvasive Embedding of Single Co Atoms in Ge(111)2x1 Surfaces    [PDF]

D. A. Muzychenko, K. Schouteden, M. Houssa, S. V. Savinov, C. Van Haesendonck

1203.2803 (C. Krzeminski et al.)

Understanding of the Retarded Oxidation Effects in Silicon

C. Krzeminski, X. -L. Han, G. Larrieu

1203.2818 (V. Gnezdilov et al.)

Dynamical lattice instability versus spin liquid state in a frustrated
spin chain system

V. Gnezdilov, P. Lemmens, Yu. G. Pashkevich, D. Wulferding, I. V. Morozov, O. S. Volkova, A. Vasiliev

1203.2865 (W. Al-Sawai et al.)

Bulk Fermi surface and momentum density in heavily doped
La$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$CuO$_4$ using high resolution Compton scattering and positron
annihilation spectroscopies

W. Al-Sawai, B. Barbiellini, Y. Sakurai, M. Itou, P. E. Mijnarends, R. S. Markiewicz, S. Kaprzyk, S. Wakimoto, M. Fujita, S. Basak, H. Lin, Yung Jui Wang, S. W. H. Eijt, H. Schut, K. Yamada, A. Bansil

1203.2875 (Luqiao Liu et al.)

Spin torque switching with the giant spin Hall effect of tantalum    [PDF]

Luqiao Liu, Chi-Feng Pai, Y. Li, H. W. Tseng, D. C. Ralph, R. A. Buhrman

1203.2896 (L. Martin-Gondre et al.)

Competition between electron and phonon excitations in the scattering of
nitrogen atoms and molecules off tungsten and silver surfaces

L. Martin-Gondre, M. Alducin, G. A. Bocan, R. Díez Muiño, J. I. Juaristi

1203.2991 (Debabrata Mishra et al.)

Mutual enhancement of different doping mechanisms in the development of
ferromagnetism in Al-doped MgO nanoparticles

Debabrata Mishra, Balaji P. Mandal, Ratna Naik, Gavin Lawes, Boris Nadgorny

1203.2998 (Haiyang Niu et al.)

Families of superhard crystalline carbon allotropes induced via
cold-compressed graphite and nanotubes

Haiyang Niu, Xing-Qiu Chen, Shibing Wang, Dianzhong Li, Wendy L. Mao, Yiyi Li

1203.3003 (J. P. Masse et al.)

An original way for producing a 2.5 GPa strength ductile steel by
rolling of martensite

J. P. Masse, B. Chéhab, H. Zurob, D. Embury, X. Wang, O. Bouaziz

1203.3033 (V. P. Zhukov et al.)

Electron-phonon relaxation and excited electron distribution in zinc
oxide and anatase

V. P. Zhukov, V. G. Tyuterev, E. V. Chulkov

1203.3044 (L. Kilanski et al.)

Magnetic Interactions in Ge/1-x/Cr/x/Te Semimagnetic Semiconductors    [PDF]

L. Kilanski, A. Podgórni, W. Dobrowolski, M. Górska, B. J. Kowalski, A. Reszka, V. Domukhovski, A. Szczerbakow, K. Szałowski, J. R. Anderson, N. P. Butch, V. E. Slynko, E. I. Slynko

1203.3046 (H. Tran et al.)

μ-Brillouin spectroscopy mapping of the residual density field induced
by Vickers indentation in a soda-lime silicate glass

H. Tran, S. Clément, R. Vialla, D. Vandembroucq, B. Rufflé

1203.3066 (I. A. Sluchinskaya et al.)

Crystal structure, local structure, and defect structure of Pr-doped

I. A. Sluchinskaya, A. I. Lebedev, A. Erko

1203.3144 (G. Trambly de Laissardière et al.)

Rotated graphene bilayers: weak electronic coupling between the AA zones
of large moires

G. Trambly de Laissardière, D. Mayou, L. Magaud

1203.3148 (Malte Behrmann et al.)

Multi-orbital physics in Fermi liquids prone to magnetic order    [PDF]

Malte Behrmann, Christoph Piefke, Frank Lechermann