Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6877 (Gerald I. Kerley)

Equation of State and Constitutive Models for Numerical Simulations of
Dust Impacts on the Solar Probe

Gerald I. Kerley

1306.6835 (Hongyi Xu et al.)

Experimental demonstration of an ultra-thin three-dimensional thermal

Hongyi Xu, Xihang Shi, Fei Gao, Handong Sun, Baile Zhang

1306.6662 (Manuel Steinbrecher et al.)

Finding the Rashba-type spin-splitting from interband scattering in
quasiparticle interference maps

Manuel Steinbrecher, Hasmik Harutyunyan, Christian R. Ast, Daniel Wegner

1306.6694 (Cong Wang et al.)

Thermophysical properties of hydrogen-helium mixtures: Re-examination of
the mixing rules via quantum molecular dynamics simulations

Cong Wang, Xian-Tu He, Ping Zhang

1306.6711 (K. Ostrikov et al.)

Plasma Nanoscience: from Nano-Solids in Plasmas to Nano-Plasmas in

K. Ostrikov, E. C. Neyts, M. Meyyappan

1306.6718 (Ruifen Dou et al.)

Building the Chessboard-like Supramolecular Structure on Au (111)

Ruifen Dou, Yu Yang, Ping Zhang, Dingyong Zhong, Harald Fuchs, Yue Wang, Lifeng Chi

1306.6792 (Ramesh Chandra Bhatt et al.)

Impact of sintering temperature on room temperature magneto-resistive
and magneto-caloric properties of Pr2/3Sr1/3MnO3

Ramesh Chandra Bhatt, Shiva Kumar Singh, P. C. Srivastava, S. K. Agarwal, V. P. S. Awana

1306.6831 (Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz et al.)

Spin-flip transitions and departure from the Rashba model in the Au(111)

Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz, Aitor Bergara, Evgeny Ya. Sherman, Asier Eiguren

1306.6840 (Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz et al.)

Relativistic effects and fully spin-polarized Fermi surface at the
Tl/Si(111) surface

Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz, Asier Eiguren, Aitor Bergara

1306.6882 (J. R. Trail et al.)

Pseudopotentials for correlated electron systems    [PDF]

J. R. Trail, R. J. Needs

1306.6903 (David T. Limmer et al.)

Charge fluctuations in nano-scale capacitors    [PDF]

David T. Limmer, Céline Merlet, Mathieu Salanne, David Chandler, Paul A. Madden, René van Roij, Benjamin Rotenberg

1306.6936 (Yu Xie et al.)

Hybrid Density Functional Study of Structural and Electronic Properties
of Functionalized \ce{Ti_{n+1}X_n} (X= C, N) monolayers

Yu Xie, P. R. C. Kent