Thursday, October 25, 2012

1210.6381 (Xiahan Sang et al.)

Validation of density functionals for transition metals and
intermetallics using data from quantitative electron diffraction

Xiahan Sang, Andreas Kulovits, Guofeng Wang, Jorg Wiezorek

1210.6397 (Volodymyr Turkowski et al.)

Nonadiabatic Time-Dependent Spin-Density Functional Theory for strongly
correlated systems

Volodymyr Turkowski, Talat S. Rahman

1210.6428 (Nobuhiko Taniguchi et al.)

Spin Current Generation as a Nonequilibrium Kondo Effect in a Spin-orbit
Mesoscopic Interferometer

Nobuhiko Taniguchi, Kenta Isozaki

1210.6442 (Qi Zhong et al.)

Thermally induced structural modification in the Al/Zr multilayers    [PDF]

Qi Zhong, Shuang Ma, Zhong Zhang, Runze Qi, Jia Li, Zhanshan Wang, Philippe Jonnard

1210.6530 (R. Pirc et al.)

Compressible spherical dipolar glass model of relaxor ferroelectrics    [PDF]

R. Pirc, Z. Kutnjak, N. Novak

1210.6533 (Tuomas H. E. Lahtinen et al.)

Formation of regular magnetic domain patterns with alternating uniaxial
and biaxial anisotropy in epitaxial Fe films on BaTiO3

Tuomas H. E. Lahtinen, Yasuhiro Shirahata, Lide Yao, Kévin J. A. Franke, Gorige Venkataiah, Tomoyasu Taniyama, Sebastiaan van Dijken

1210.6548 (Victor M. Martinez Alvarez et al.)

Quantum phase transition from a Antiferromagnetic-Insulator to a
Paramagnetic-Metal laying beneath the superconducting dome

Victor M. Martinez Alvarez, Alejandro Cabo-Bizet, Alejandro Cabo Montes de Oca

1210.6580 (Jan M. Tomczak et al.)

Combined GW and dynamical mean field theory: Dynamical screening effects
in transition metal oxides

Jan M. Tomczak, Michele Casula, Takashi Miyake, Ferdi Aryasetiawan, Silke Biermann

1210.6607 (Mohammad H. Abedinnasab et al.)

Wave dispersion under finite deformation    [PDF]

Mohammad H. Abedinnasab, Mahmoud I. Hussein