Thursday, November 1, 2012

1101.3464 (Jonathan Stolle et al.)

Characterizing Solute Segregation and Grain Boundary Energy in a Binary
Alloy Phase Field Crystal Model

Jonathan Stolle, Nikolas Provatas

1210.8341 (V. Ta Phuoc et al.)

Temperature driven Vanadium clusterization and band gap enlargement in
the layered misfit compound (LaS)$_{1.196}$VS$_2$

V. Ta Phuoc, V. Brouet, B. Corraze, E. Janod, L. Cario

1210.8405 (J. Berashevich et al.)

Lead monoxide $α$-PbO: electronic properties and point defect

J. Berashevich, O. Semeniuk, O. Rubel, J. A. Rowlands, A. Reznik

1210.8215 (Yaohua Tan et al.)

Empirical tight binding parameters for GaAs and MgO with explicit basis
through DFT mapping

Yaohua Tan, Michael Povolotskyi, Tillmann Kubis, Yu He, Zhengping Jiang, Gerhard Klimeck, Timothy B. Boykin

1210.8217 (Xiaoqi Wang et al.)

Study of band bending effect in Dye Sensitized Solar Cell through
Constant-Current-Discharging Voltage Decay

Xiaoqi Wang, Chuanbing Cai

1210.8222 (Balasaheb. J. Nagare et al.)

Hydrogen adsorption on Na-SWCNT systems    [PDF]

Balasaheb. J. Nagare, Darshan Habale, Sajeev Chacko, Swapan Ghosh

1210.8226 (Kin Fai Mak et al.)

Observation of tightly bound trions in monolayer MoS2    [PDF]

Kin Fai Mak, Keliang He, Changgu Lee, Gwan Hyoung Lee, James Hone, Tony F. Heinz, Jie Shan

1210.8232 (Jonathan E. Moussa et al.)

Simulation and modeling of the electronic structure of GaAs damage

Jonathan E. Moussa, Stephen M. Foiles, Peter A. Schultz

1210.8233 (Jonathan E. Moussa et al.)

Accurate numerical integration of an electron exchange hole with a
screened Coulomb interaction

Jonathan E. Moussa, Peter A. Schultz

1210.8283 (Jürgen Weischenberg et al.)

Scattering-Independent Anomalous Nernst Effect in Ferromagnets    [PDF]

Jürgen Weischenberg, Frank Freimuth, Stefan Blügel, Yuriy Mokrousov

1210.8289 (Andrea Augieri et al.)

MOD derived pyrochlore films as buffer layer for all-chemical YBCO
coated conductors

Andrea Augieri, Angelo Vannozzi, Rita Mancini, Achille Armenio Angrisani, Fabio Fabbri, Valentina Galluzzi, Alessandro Rufoloni, Francesco Rizzo, Antonella Mancini, Giuseppe Celentano, Ivan Colantoni, Ivan Davoli, Nicola Pompeo, Giovanni Sotgiu, Enrico Silva

1210.8300 (Fabio Caruso et al.)

Bond breaking and bond formation: how electron correlation is captured
in many-body perturbation theory and density-functional theory

Fabio Caruso, Daniel Rohr, Maria Hellgren, Xinguo Ren, Patrick Rinke, Angel Rubio, Matthias Scheffler

1210.8327 (T. D. Swinburne et al.)

Theory and Simulation of the diffusion of kinks on dislocations in bcc

T. D. Swinburne, S. L. Dudarev, S. P. Fitzgerald, M. R. Gilbert, A. P. Sutton

1210.8350 (Moïra Hocevar et al.)

Growth and optical properties of axial hybrid III-V/Si nanowires    [PDF]

Moïra Hocevar, George Immink, Marcel Verheijen, Nika Akopian, Val Zwiller, Leo Kouwenhoven, Erik Bakkers

1210.8372 (Chen Si et al.)

Electronic Strengthening of Graphene by Charge Doping    [PDF]

Chen Si, Wenhui Duan, Zheng Liu, Feng Liu