Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1111.5394 (P. N. Timonin)

Smeared spin-flop transition in random antiferromagnetic Ising chain    [PDF]

P. N. Timonin

1212.3661 (Z. Liu et al.)

Spin-dependent inter- and intra-valley electron-phonon scattering in

Z. Liu, M. O. Nestoklon, J. L. Cheng, E. L. Ivchenko, M. W. Wu

1212.3667 (Bin Ye et al.)

Fabrication of CeO2 by sol-gel process based on microfluidic technology
as an analog preparation of ceramic nuclear fuel microspheres

Bin Ye, Jilang Miao, Jiaolong Li, Zichen Zhao, Zhenqi Chang, Christophe A. Serra

1212.3674 (Xinguo Ren et al.)

Renormalized Second-order Perturbation Theory for The Electron
Correlation Energy: Concept, Implementation, and Benchmarks

Xinguo Ren, Patrick Rinke, Gustavo E. Scuseria, Matthias Scheffler

1212.3679 (Lan Chen et al.)

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Dynamic Phase Transition in Monolayer

Lan Chen, Hui Li, Baojie Feng, Zijing Ding, Jinglan Qiu, Peng Cheng, Kehui Wu, Sheng Meng

1212.3714 (M. P. M. Dean et al.)

High-energy magnetic excitations in Bi$_2$Sr$_2$CaCu$_2$O$_{8+δ}$:
Towards a unified description of the electronic and magnetic degrees of
freedom in the cuprates

M. P. M. Dean, A. J. A. James, R. S. Springell, X. Liu, C. Monney, K. J. Zhou, R. M. Konik, J. S. Wen, Z. J. Xu, G. D. Gu, V. N. Strocov, T. Schmitt, J. P. Hill

1212.3744 (J. Fransson et al.)

Inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy at local defects in graphene    [PDF]

J. Fransson, J. -H. She, L. Pietronero, A. V. Balatsky

1212.3819 (Vladimir N. Strocov)

Optimization of the X-ray incidence angle in photoelectron spectrometers    [PDF]

Vladimir N. Strocov

1212.3966 (Luca de' Medici et al.)

Selective Mottness as a key to iron superconductors    [PDF]

Luca de' Medici, Gianluca Giovannetti, Massimo Capone

1212.3982 (J. Hlinka et al.)

Soft Mode in cubic PbTiO3 by Hyper-Raman Scattering    [PDF]

J. Hlinka, B. Hehlen, A. Kania, I. Gregora

1212.3985 (Hong-Jian Feng et al.)

Spin transfer in ultrathin BiFeO3 film under external electric field    [PDF]

Hong-Jian Feng, Xiaoyun Hu

1212.3997 (Guy Trambly De Laissardière et al.)

Conductivity of graphene with resonant and non-resonant adsorbates    [PDF]

Guy Trambly De Laissardière, Didier Mayou

1212.4009 (Liviu Hozoi et al.)

Topological states in pyrochlore iridates: long-range anisotropy
strongly competing with spin-orbit interaction

Liviu Hozoi, H. Gretarsson, J. P. Clancy, B. -G. Jeon, B. Lee, K. H. Kim, V. Yushankhai, Peter Fulde, Young-June Kim, Jeroen van den Brink

1212.4019 (Manuel Glas et al.)

Anomalous Hall Effect in perpendicularly magnetized Mn(_{3-x})Ga thin

Manuel Glas, Daniel Ebke, Inga-Mareen Imort, Patrick Thomas, Günter Reiss

1212.4039 (C. Nappi et al.)

πstates in all-pnictide Josephson junctions    [PDF]

C. Nappi, S. De Nicola, M. Adamo, E. Sarnelli

1212.4052 (David Holec et al.)

Alloying-related trends from first principles: An application to the
Ti--Al--X--N system

David Holec, Liangcai Zhou, Richard Rachbauer, Paul H. Mayrhofer

1212.4057 (Martin Mašín et al.)

The first-principles study of thermodynamical properties of random
magnetic overlayers on fcc-Cu(001) substrate

Martin Mašín, Lars Bergqvist, Josef Kudrnovský, Miroslav Kotrla, Václav Drchal

1212.4059 (Stanislav Yu. Kruchinin et al.)

Theory of strong-field injection and control of photocurrent in
dielectrics and wide bandgap semiconductors

Stanislav Yu. Kruchinin, Michael Korbman, Vladislav S. Yakovlev

1212.4089 (R. Hollerweger et al.)

Magnetic field strength influence on the reactive magnetron sputter
deposition of Ta2O5

R. Hollerweger, D. Holec, J. Paulitsch, R. Rachbauer, P. Polcik, P. H. Mayrhofer

1212.4133 (Fabio Pavanello et al.)

Generalized interface models for transport phenomena: unusual scale
effects in composite nanomaterials

Fabio Pavanello, Fabio Manca, Pier Luca Palla, Stefano Giordano