Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5801 (Tongtong Zhu et al.)

Non-polar (11-20) InGaN quantum dots with short exciton lifetimes grown
by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy

Tongtong Zhu, Fabrice Oehler, Benjamin P. L. Reid, Robert M. Emery, Robert A. Taylor, Menno J. Kappers, Rachel A. Oliver
We report on the optical characterization of non-polar a-plane InGaN quantum dots (QDs) grown by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy using a short nitrogen anneal treatment at the growth temperature. Spatial and spectral mapping of sub-surface QDs have been achieved by cathodoluminescence at 8 K. Microphotoluminescence studies of the QDs reveal resolution limited sharp peaks with typical linewidth of 1 meV at 4.2 K. Time-resolved photoluminescence studies suggest the excitons in these QDs have a typical lifetime of 538 ps, much shorter than that of the c-plane QDs, which is strong evidence of the significant suppression of the internal electric fields.
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