Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.5093 (Zeila Zanolli et al.)

Electric control of the magnetization in BiFeO$_3$/LaFeO$_3$

Zeila Zanolli, Jacek C. Wojdel, Jorge Iniguez, Philippe Ghosez
First-principles techniques are used to investigate the behavior of BiFeO$_{3}$/LaFeO$_{3}$ perovskite oxide superlattices epitaxially grown on a (001)-SrTiO$_3$ substrate. The calculations show that 1/1 superlattices exhibit a $Pmc2_1$ ground state combining a trilinear coupling of one polar and two oxygen rotational lattice modes, and weak ferromagnetism. The microscopic mechanism allowing one to manipulate the magnetization with an electric field in such systems is presented and its dependence on strain and chemical substitution is discussed. BiFeO$_{3}$/LaFeO$_{3}$ artificial superlattices appear to be good candidates to achieve electric switching of magnetization at room temperature.
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