Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0838 (Wei Li et al.)

UV/Ozone treatment to reduce metal-graphene contact resistance    [PDF]

Wei Li, Yiran Liang, Dangmin Yu, Lianmao Peng, Kurt P. Pernstich, Tian Shen, A. R. Hight Walker, Guangjun Cheng, Christina A. Hacker, Curt A. Richter, Qiliang Li, David J. Gundlach, Xuelei Liang
We report reduced contact resistance of single-layer graphene devices by using ultraviolet ozone (UVO) treatment to modify the metal/graphene contact interface. The devices were fabricated from mechanically transferred, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown, single layer graphene. UVO treatment of graphene in the contact regions as defined by photolithography and prior to metal deposition was found to reduce interface contamination originating from incomplete removal of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and photoresist. Our control experiment shows that exposure times up to 10 minutes did not introduce significant disorder in the graphene as characterized by Raman spectroscopy. By using the described approach, contact resistance of less than 200 {\Omega} {\mu}m was achieved, while not significantly altering the electrical properties of the graphene channel region of devices.
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