Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0081 (Kuniyuki Miwa et al.)

Interplay between Plasmon Luminescence and Vibrationally Resolved
Molecular Luminescence Induced by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Kuniyuki Miwa, Mamoru Sakaue, Hideaki Kasai
Effects of the coupling between an exciton consisting of an electron and hole in a molecule and a surface plasmon (exciton-plasmon coupling) on the luminescence properties of the molecule and the surface plasmons are investigated using the nonequilibrium Green's function method. Molecular absorption and enhancement by molecular electronic and vibrational modes (molecular modes) lead to dip and peak structures in the luminescence spectra of the surface plasmons. It is considered that the corresponding structures can be seen in a recent experiment. Moreover we found that the re-absorption by the surface plasmons plays important roles in determining the luminescence spectral profiles.
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