Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0041 (Suprijadi et al.)

Compression Stress Effect on Dislocations Movement and Crack propagation
in Cubic Crystal

Suprijadi, Ely Aprilia, Meiqorry Yusfi
Fracture material is seriously problem in daily life, and it has connection with mechanical properties itself. The mechanical properties is belief depend on dislocation movement and crack propagation in the crystal. Information about this is very important to characterize the material. In FCC crystal structure the competition between crack propagation and dislocation wake is very interesting, in a ductile material like copper (Cu) dislocation can be seen in room temperature, but in a brittle material like Si only cracks can be seen observed. Different techniques were applied to material to study the mechanical properties, in this study we did compression test in one direction. Combination of simulation and experimental on cubic material are reported in this paper. We found that the deflection of crack direction in Si caused by vacancy of lattice,while compression stress on Cu cause the atoms displacement in one direction. Some evidence of dislocation wake in Si crystal under compression stress at high temperature will reported.
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