Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0368 (Massimo Bassan et al.)

Measurement of the thermal expansion coefficient of the Al 5056 alloy in
the 0.3 < T < 2 K temperature range

Massimo Bassan, Bruno Buonomo, Giorgio Cavallari, Eugenio Coccia, Sabrina D'Antonio, Viviana Fafone, Luca Gennaro Foggetta, Carlo Ligi, Alessandro Marini, Giovanni Mazzitelli, Giuseppina Modestino, Guido Pizzella, Lina Quintieri, Francesco Ronga, Paolo Valente
The RAP experiment was recently carried out in order to explain the results in cosmic ray detection obtained by the gravitational wave resonant antenna NAUTILUS when operated above and below the temperature of transition from superconducting to normal state of the material. In this experiment, performed by shooting an electron beam on a suspended bar made of Al 5056 alloy (about 5% Mg), both the amplitude of the bar first longitudinal mode of oscillation, excited by the beam interacting with the bulk, and the energy deposited by the beam in the bar were measured. These quantities, inserted in the equations describing the mechanism of the mode excitation and complemented by an independent measurement of the specific heat, allow us to determine the linear expansion coefficient alpha of the material.
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