Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0590 (S. Middey et al.)

Epitaxial growth of (111)-oriented LaAlO$_3$/LaNiO$_3$ ultra-thin

S. Middey, D. Meyers, M. Kareev, E. J. Moon, B. A. Gray, X. Liu, J. W. Freeland, J. Chakhalian
The epitaxial stabilization of a single layer or superlattice structures composed of complex oxide materials on polar (111) surfaces is severely burdened by reconstructions at the interface, that commonly arise to neutralize the polarity. We report on the synthesis of high quality LaNiO$_3$/mLaAlO$_3$ pseudo cubic (111) superlattices on polar (111)-oriented LaAlO$_3$, the proposed complex oxide candidate for a topological insulating behavior. Comprehensive X-Ray diffraction measurements, RHEED, and element specific resonant X-ray absorption spectroscopy affirm their high structural and chemical quality. The study offers an opportunity to fabricate interesting interface and topology controlled (111) oriented superlattices based on ortho-nickelates.
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