Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0680 (D. Fuertes Marrón et al.)

Application of photoreflectance to advanced multilayer structures for

D. Fuertes Marrón, E. Cánovas, I. Artacho, C. R. Stanley, M. Steer, T. Kaizu, Y. Shoji, N. Ahsan, Y. Okada, E. Barrigón, I. Rey-Stolle, C. Algora, A. Martí, A. Luque
Photoreflectance (PR) is a convenient characterization tool able to reveal optoelectronic properties of semiconductor materials and structures. It is a simple non-destructive and contactless technique which can be used in air at room temperature. We will present experimental results of the characterization carried out by means of PR on different types of advanced photovoltaic (PV) structures, including quantum-dot-based prototypes of intermediate band solar cells, quantum-well structures, highly mismatched alloys, and III-V-based multi-junction devices, thereby demonstrating the suitability of PR as a powerful diagnostic tool. Examples will be given to illustrate the value of this spectroscopic technique for PV including (i) the analysis of the PR spectra in search of critical points associated to absorption onsets; (ii) distinguishing signatures related to quantum confinement from those originating from delocalized band states; (iii) determining the intensity of the electric field related to built-in potentials at interfaces according to the Franz-Keldysh (FK) theory; and (v) determining the nature of different oscillatory PR signals among those ascribed to FK-oscillations, interferometric and photorefractive effects. The aim is to attract the interest of researchers in the field of PV to modulation spectroscopies, as they can be helpful in the analysis of their devices.
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