Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1212.0782 (Zixian Liang et al.)

Space-coiling metamaterials with double negativity and conical

Zixian Liang, Tianhua Feng, Shukin Lok, Fu Liu, Kung Bo Ng, Chi Hou Chan, Jinjin Wang, Seunghoon Han, Sangyoon Lee, Jensen Li
Metamaterials are effectively homogeneous materials that display extraordinary dispersion. Negative index metamaterials, zero index metamaterials and extremely anisotropic metamaterials are just a few examples. Instead of using locally resonating elements that may cause undesirable absorption, there are huge efforts to seek alternative routes to obtain these unusual properties. Here, we experimentally demonstrate an alternative approach for constructing metamaterials with extreme dispersion by simply coiling up space with curled channels. Such a geometric approach has the advantage that the ratio between the wavelength and the lattice constant in achieving a negative or zero index is easily tunable. It allows us to construct for the first time an acoustic metamaterial with conical dispersion, leading to a clear demonstration of negative refraction from an acoustic metamaterial with airborne sound. We also design and realize a double-negative metamaterial for microwaves under the same principle.
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