Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7731 (Rodrigo A. Muniz et al.)

Generalized spin-wave theory: application to the bilinear-biquadratic

Rodrigo A. Muniz, Yasuyuki Kato, Cristian D. Batista
We present a generalized spin-wave theory (GSWT) for treating spin Hamiltonians of arbitrary spin $S$. The generalization consists of an extension of the traditional spin-wave theory from SU(2) to SU($N$). Low energy excitations are waves of the local order parameter that fluctuates in the SU($N$) space of unitary transformations of the local spin states, instead of the SU(2) space of local spin rotations. Since the generators of the SU($N$) group can be represented as bilinear forms in $N$-flavored bosons, the low-energy modes of the GSWT are described with $N-1$ different bosons. The generalization allows treating quantum spin systems whose ground state exhibit multipolar ordering as well as detecting instabilities of magnetically ordered states (dipolar ordering) towards higher multipolar orderings. We illustrate these advantages by applying the GSWT to a bilinear-biquadratic model of arbitrary spin $S$ on hypercubic lattices.
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