Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7865 (Annette Wurl et al.)

Supramolecular interaction of singlewall carbon nanotubes with a
functional TTF-based mediator probed by field-effect transistor devices

Annette Wurl, Sebastian Goossen, David Canevet, Marc Salle, Emilio M. Perez, Nazario Martin, Christian Klinke
The supramolecular interaction between individual singlewall carbon nanotubes and a functional organic material based on tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) is investigated by means of electric transport measurements in field effect transistor configuration as well as by NIR absorption spectroscopy. The results clearly point to a charge transfer interaction in which the adsorbed molecule serves as electron acceptor for the nanotubes through its pyrene units. Exposure to iodine vapors enhances this effect. The comparison with pristine carbon nanotube field effect transistor devices demonstrates the possibility to exploit charge transfer interactions taking place in supramolecular assemblies in which a mediator unit is used to transduce and enhance an external signal.
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