Thursday, August 1, 2013

1307.8267 (M. Barberoglou et al.)

The influence of ultrafast temporal energy regulation on the morphology
of Si surfaces through femtosecond double pulse laser irradiation

M. Barberoglou, G. D. Tsibidis, D. Gray, E. Magoulakis, C. Fotakis, E. Stratakis, P. A. Loukakos
The effect of ultrashort laser-induced morphological changes upon irradiation of silicon with double pulse sequences is investigated under conditions that lead to mass removal. The temporal delay between twelve double and equal-energy pulses (Ep=0.24J/cm2 each, with pulse duration tp=430fs, 800nm laser wavelength) was varied between 0 and 14ps and a decrease of the damaged area, crater depth size and periodicity of the induced subwavelength ripples (by 3-4%) was observed with increasing pulse delay. The proposed underlying mechanism is based on the combination of carrier excitation and energy thermalization and capillary wave solidification and aims to provide an alternative explanation to the control of ripple periodicity by temporal pulse tailoring. This work demonstrates the potential of pulse shaping technology to improve nano/micro processing.
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