Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7799 (Sergii Domanskyi et al.)

Percolation Modeling of Self-Damaging of Composite Materials    [PDF]

Sergii Domanskyi, Vladimir Privman
We propose the concept of autonomous self-damaging in "smart" composite materials, controlled by activation of added nanosize "damaging" capsules. Percolation-type modeling approach earlier applied to the related concept of self-healing materials, is used to investigate the behavior of the initial material's fatigue. We aim at achieving a relatively sharp drop in the material's integrity after some initial limited fatigue develops in the course of the sample's usage. Our theoretical study considers a two-dimensional lattice model and involves Monte Carlo simulations of the connectivity and conductance. We give several examples of local capsule-lattice and capsule-capsule activation rules and show that the desired self-damaging property can only be obtained with rather sophisticated "smart" material's response involving not just damaging but also healing capsules.
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