Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.6197 (Renaud Puybaret et al.)

Local tuning of graphene thickness on 4H-SiC C-face using decomposing
silicon nitride masks

Renaud Puybaret, John Hankinson, Abdallah Ougazzaden, Paul L Voss, Claire Berger, Walt A de Heer
Patterning of graphene is key for device fabrication. We report a way to increase or reduce the number of layers in epitaxial graphene grown on the C-face (000-1) of silicon carbide by the deposition of a 120 nm to 150nm-thick silicon nitride mask prior to graphitization. In our process we find that areas covered by a Si-rich SiN mask have three more layers than non-masked areas. Conversely N-rich SiN decreases the thickness by three layers. In both cases the mask decomposes before graphitization is completed. Graphene grown in masked areas show good quality as observed by Raman, AFM and transport data. By tailoring the growth parameters selective graphene growth has been obtained.
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