Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5940 (N. I. Matskevich et al.)

Solution calorimetry investigations of new phase BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8    [PDF]

N. I. Matskevich, Th. Wolf, M. Yu. Matskevich, A. N. Bryzgalova, T. I. Chupakhina, I. V. Vyazovkin
The preparation of BaCeO3 doped by yttrium and indium oxides (BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8) has been performed by solid-state reaction from BaCO3, CeO2, Y2O3, In2O3. The compound BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8 has been synthesized for the first time. The X-ray measurements have showed that BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8 has an orthorhombic structure (space group Pmcn). The standard formation enthalpies of BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8 have been determined by solution calorimetry combining the solution enthalpies of BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8 and BaCl2 + 0.6CeCl3 + 0.3YCl3 + 0.1InCl3 mixtures in 1 M HCl with 0.1 M KI at 298.15 K and literature data. It has been obtained that above-mentioned mixed oxide is thermodynamically stable with respect to their decomposition into binary oxides at room temperatures. It has been also shown that BaCe0.6Y0.3In0.1O2.8 has been more thermodynamically favored than BaCe0.9In0.1O2.95.
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