Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5871 (Salinporn Kittiwatanakul et al.)

Transport behavior and electronic structure of phase pure VO2 thin films
grown on c-plane sapphire under different O2 partial pressure

Salinporn Kittiwatanakul, Jude Laverock, Dave Newby Jr., Kevin E. Smith, Stuart A. Wolf, Jiwei Lu
We grew highly textured phase pure VO2 thin films on c-plane Al2O3 substrates with different oxygen partial pressure. X-ray absorption and photoemission spectroscopy confirm the identical valence state of vanadium ions despite the different oxygen pressure during the deposition. As the O2 flow rate increases, the [010] lattice parameter for monoclinic VO2 was reduced and coincidently distinctive changes in the metal- semiconductor transition (MST) and transport behaviors were observed despite the identical valence state of vanadium in these samples. We discuss the effect of the oxygen partial pressure on the monoclinic structure and electronic structure of VO2, and consequently the MST.
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