Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1307.5917 (Chun-jian Su et al.)

Analytical quantitative description of wide plate U-free bend process of
intelligent control

Chun-jian Su, Wei-wei Wang, Su-min Guo
According to flexure theory of plate, on the premise of plane deformation assumption, an analytic model of U-free bend theory is proposed in this paper, which considered the harden, anisotropy and elastic deformation of material. Then the theoretical analysis on U-free bending of wide plate is made, the change rules of bending force with bending stroke and formula of target angularity are obtained, the various factors affecting bending force and rebound are analyzed. Furthermore, theoretical calculation and experiment and simulation results are compared, which provided theoretical basis for identifying parameters of the wide plate U-free bending intelligent control as well as determining variables of the input layer and output layer of prediction model.
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