Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0835 (J. A. Reyes-Retana et al.)

Centered honeycomb NiSe$_2$ nanoribbons, structure and electronic

J. A. Reyes-Retana, G. G. Naumis, F. Cevantes-Sodi
Quasi one-dimensional nanoribbons are excellent candidates for nanoelectronics, therefore here we investigate by means of density functional theory the structure and electronic properties of a new kind of 1D ribbons, namely: centered honeycomb NiSe$_2$ nanoribbons. Depending on the crystallography and atomic composition of the edges, these ribbons can belong to one of six (two) zigzag (armchair) families. In the zigzag families, after edge reconstruction, all the bare ribbons are metallic. The influence of edge hydrogen passivation produces band gaps in two of the six families. For the armchair nanoribbons, the geometrical reconstruction leads to semiconductors with small band gap and the hydrogen passivation of the edges increases the band gap up to $\sim$0.6 eV.
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