Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0812 (Rose L. Ahlefeldt et al.)

A method for assigning satellite lines to crystallographic sites in rare
earth crystals

Rose L. Ahlefeldt, Neil B. Manson, Wayne D. Hutchison, Matthew J. Sellars
We describe an experimental technique for associating the satellite lines in a rare earth optical spectrum caused by a defect with the rare earth ions in crystal sites around that defect. This method involves measuring the hyperfine splitting caused by a magnetic dipole-dipole interaction between host ions and a magnetic defect. The method was applied to Ce3+:EuCl3.6H2O to assign 13 of the outermost 22 satellite lines to sites. The assignments show that the optical shift of a satellite line is loosely dependent on the distance to the dopant. The interaction between host and dopant ions is purely dipole-dipole at distances greater than 7 Angstroms, with an additional contribution, likely superexchange, at distances less than 7 Angstroms.
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