Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0762 (Sven P. Rudin)

Density Functional Theory Study of the Entangled Crystal, Magnetic, and
Electronic Structures of PuGa3

Sven P. Rudin
Systematically studying the crystal, magnetic, and electronic structures of PuGa3 with density functional theory (DFT) reveals the entanglement of the three types of structure. Magnetic structure affects the energy more strongly than crystal structure. For DFT to correctly order the crystal structures in agreement with experiment requires special treatment of the electronic correlation in the 5f states, exemplified here by the GGA+U approach. The upper and lower Hubbard bands change with increasing U in very dissimilar ways for the two most different crystal structures. The results suggest the effectiveness of using magnetic structure to simulate correlation effects in the actinides depends on both the magnetic and the crystal structure.
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