Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0301 (Sang-Hoon Kim et al.)

Air transparent soundproof window    [PDF]

Sang-Hoon Kim, Seong-Hyun Lee
A soundproof window or wall which is transparent to airflow is presented. The design is based on two wave theories of diffraction and acoustic metamaterials. It consists of a three-dimensional array of strong diffraction-type resonators with many holes centered at each individual resonator. The acoustic performance levels of two soundproof windows with air holes of $20mm$ and $50mm$ diameters were measured. Sound waves of 80dB in the frequency range of $400 - 5,000Hz$ were applied to the windows. It was observed that the sound level was reduced by about $30 - 35$dB in the above frequency range with the $20mm$ window and by about $20 - 35$dB in the frequency range of $700 - 2,200Hz$ with the $50mm$ window. It is an extraordinary acoustic anti-transmission. The geometric factors which produced the effective negative modulus were obtained.
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