Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0223 (Ling Sun et al.)

Effect of encapsulated graphene oxide on alginate-based bead adsorption
to remove acridine orange from aqueous solutions

Ling Sun, Bunshi Fugetsu
Environmentally-benign high-performance graphene oxide (GO)/alginate-based absorbents were prepared to eliminate acridine orange selected as a typical dye. Characterizations demonstrated GO well encapsulated and its promotion of pore formation on structure. Kinetic studies exhibited that the addition of GO shortened the adsorption equilibrium time, raised the initial rate and the adsorption capacity. Isotherm studies indicated the adsorptive behavior followed Langmuir type, and higher maximum capacity was obtained in the presence of GO. The adsorption positively responded to pH increased from acidic to weakly alkaline. At low pH, GO would contribute dominantly to the adsorption, whereas alginate component was inhibited.
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