Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0057 (Nattawut Anuniwat et al.)

Strain-induced enhancement of coercivity in amorphous TbFeCo films    [PDF]

Nattawut Anuniwat, Manli Ding, S. J. Poon, S. A. Wolf, Jiwei Lu
We report a strong size dependence of coercivity in amorphous ferrimagnetic TbFeCo films. The as-deposited film exhibited a low saturation magnetization (Ms=100 emu/cc) and a high perpendicular anisotropy (Ku=10^6 erg/cc). Hall-bar devices were fabricated for characterizing the magneto-transport behaviors. A significant increase in coercivity (up to 300 %) was observed at room temperature as the width of Hall bar was reduced. The large coercivity enhancement was attributed to the relaxation of film stress. The effect of strain and dimensionality on the coercivity in TbFeCo makes it attractive for tunable coercivity and the magnetization reversal in future nanoscale devices.
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