Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.5062 (Valter Kiisk et al.)

Nanosecond laser treatment of graphene    [PDF]

Valter Kiisk, Tauno Kahro, Jekaterina Kozlova, Leonard Matisen, Harry Alles
Laser processing of graphene is of great interest for cutting, patterning and structural engineering purposes. Tunable nanosecond lasers have the advantage of being relatively widespread (compared to e.g. femtosecond or high-power continuous wave lasers). Hereby we have conducted an investigation of the impact of nanosecond laser pulses on CVD graphene. The damage produced by sufficiently strong single shots (pulse width 5 ns, wavelength 532 or 266 nm) from tunable optical parametric oscillator was investigated by the methods of scanning electron microscopy and optical microspectroscopy (Raman and fluorescence). Threshold of energy density for producing visible damage was found to be ~200 mJ/cm2. For UV irradiation the threshold could be notably less depending on the origin of sample. Surprisingly strong fluorescence signal was recorded from damaged areas and is attributed to the residues of oxidized graphene.
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