Monday, June 24, 2013

1306.5055 (Liubov Yu. Antipina et al.)

The high hydrogen adsorption rate material based on graphane decorated
with alkali metals

Liubov Yu. Antipina, Pavel V. Avramov, Seiji Sakai, Hiroshi Naramoto, Manabu Ohtomo, Shiro Entani, Yoshihiro Matsumoto, Pavel B. Sorokin
The graphane with chemically bonded alkali metals (Li, Na, K) was considered as potential material for hydrogen storage. The ab initio calculations show that such material can adsorb as many as 4 hydrogen molecules per Li, Na and K metal atoms. These values correspond to 12.20 wt%, 10.33 wt% and 8.56 wt% of hydrogen, respectively and exceed the DOE requirements. The thermodynamic analysis shows that Li-graphane complex is the most promising for hydrogen storage with ability to adsorb 3 hydrogen molecules per metal atom at 300 K and pressure in the range from 5 to 250 atm.
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