Friday, December 7, 2012

1212.1411 (L. Tosi et al.)

Barkhausen-type noise in the resistance of antiferromagnetic Cr thin

L. Tosi, E. Osquiguil, E. E. Kaul, C. A. Balseiro
We present an experimental study of the changes generated on the electrical resistance $R(T)$ of epitaxial Cr thin films by the transformation of quantized spin density wave domains as the temperature is changed. A characteristic resistance noise appears only within the same temperature region where a cooling-warming cycle in $R(T)$ displays hysteretic behavior. We propose an analysis based on an analogy with the Barkhausen noise seen in ferromagnets. There fluctuations in the magnetization $M(H)$ occur when the magnetic field $H$ is swept. By mapping $M \rightarrow \Psi_0$ and $H \rightarrow T$, where $\Psi_0$ corresponds to the order parameter of the spin density wave, we generalize the Preisach model in terms of a random distribution of {\it resistive hysterons} to explain our results. These hysterons are related to distributions of quantized spin density wave domains with different sizes, local energies and number of nodes.
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