Friday, December 7, 2012

1212.1228 (Yousuke Norizuki et al.)

A Superparamagnetic State Induced by a Spin Reorientation Transition in
Ultrathin Magnetic Films

Yousuke Norizuki, Munetaka Sasaki
We investigate a spin reorientation transition (SRT) in ultrathin magnetic films by Monte-Carlo simulations. We assume that the lateral size of the film is relatively small and it has a single-domain structure. To gain insights into the SRT, we measure a free-energy as a function of perpendicular and in-plane magnetizations. As a result, we find that the system is in a superparamagnetic state at the SRT temperature. The disappearance of magnetization around the SRT temperature, which is observed in experiments, emerges due to dynamical fluctuations in magnetization which are inherent in the superparamagnetic state. This observation is in contrast to that in large ultrathin magnetic films that the disappearance of magnetization is caused by a static magnetic structure with many complex domains.
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