Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1211.6385 (T. Schenkel et al.)

Towards pump-probe experiments of defect dynamics in solids with short
ion beam pulses

T. Schenkel, S. M. Lidia, W. Waldron, C. D. Weis, J. Schwartz, J. W. Kwan
A novel, induction type linear accelerator, the neutralized drift compression experiment is currently being commissioned at Berkeley Lab. This accelerator is designed to deliver intense (about 1 to 50 nano Coulomb /pulse), 0.5 to 100 nano seconds duration pulses of 0.15 to 1.2 mega electron volt lithium ions at a rate of about 2 pulses per minute into 1 to 10 mm scale target areas. When focused to mm-diameter spots, the beam is predicted to heat micrometer thick foils to temperatures of about 30,000 K. At lower beam power densities, the short excitation pulse with tunable intensity and time profile enables pump-probe type studies of point defect dynamics in solids. We briefly describe the accelerator concept and design, present results from beam pulse shaping experiments and discuss examples of pump-probe and dose rate effect studies in the irradiation of materials that are enabled by the neutralized drift compression experiment.
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