Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1211.6147 (Eva Zarkadoula et al.)

The nature of high-energy radiation damage in iron: Modeling results    [PDF]

Eva Zarkadoula, Martin T. Dove, Szymon L. Daraszewicz, Dorothy M. Duffy, Michael Seaton, Ilian T. Todorov, Kai Nordlund, Kostya Trachenko
Understanding and predicting a material's performance in response to high-energy radiation damage, as well as designing future materials to be used in intense radiation environments, requires the knowledge of the structure, morphology and amount of radiation-induced structural change. We report the results of molecular dynamics simulations of high-energy radiation damage in iron in the range 0.2-0.5 MeV. We analyze and quantify the nature of collision cascades both at the global and local scale. We find that the structure of high-energy collision cascades becomes increasingly continuous as opposed to showing sub-cascade branching reported previously. At the local length scale, we find large defect clusters and novel small vacancy and interstitial clusters. These features form the basis for physical models aimed at understanding the effects of high energy radiation damage in structural materials.
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