Monday, December 10, 2012

1212.1652 (G. J. Galloway et al.)

New Void Diffusion Mechanism: Molecular Dynamics and OKMC Study of
Radiation Induced Motion of Voids and He Bubbles in BCC Iron

G. J. Galloway, G. J. Ackland
We show that voids adjacent to radiation damage cascades can be moved in their entirety by several lattice spacings. This is done using molecular dynamics cascade simulations in iron at energies of 1-5 keV. The effect of this mechanism is studied further using an OKMC code and shows enhancement of void diffusion by 2 orders of magnitude from 1x10^-22 cm^2/s to 3x10^-20 cm^2/s. Repeating the study on He bubbles shows that the movement is damped by the presence of helium in the void.
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