Monday, December 10, 2012

1212.1591 (F. González-Posada et al.)

Environmental sensitivity of n-i-n and undoped single GaN nanowire

F. González-Posada, R. Songmuang, M. Den Hertog, E. Monroy
In this work, we compare the photodetector performance of single defect-free undoped and n-in GaN nanowires (NWs). In vacuum, undoped NWs present a responsivity increment, nonlinearities and persistent photoconductivity effects (~ 100 s). Their unpinned Fermi level at the m-plane NW sidewalls enhances the surface states role in the photodetection dynamics. Air adsorbed oxygen accelerates the carrier dynamics at the price of reducing the photoresponse. In contrast, in n-i-n NWs, the Fermi level pinning at the contact regions limits the photoinduced sweep of the surface band bending, and hence reduces the environment sensitivity and prevents persistent effects even in vacuum.
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