Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3153 (D. Goebl et al.)

Quasi-resonant neutralization of He+ ions at a germanium surface    [PDF]

D. Goebl, D. Roth, D. Primetzhofer, R. C. Monreal, E. Abad, A. Putz, P. Bauer
When low-energy He ions are scattered from a Ge surface, the fraction of positive ions exhibits characteristic oscillations as a function of ion energy. These oscillations are caused by quasi-resonant neutralization (qRN), a process which can be observed for materials with a narrow band nearly resonant with the unperturbed He-1s level. In the present manuscript, we employ recently developed theoretical methods to extract quantitative information on the efficiency of qRN. Our evaluation reveals that qRN is a highly efficient process leading to ion fractions two orders of magnitude lower than in systems for which neutralization is only due to Auger processes.
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