Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.3198 (J. Kundin et al.)

Microstructure evolution and heterogeneous nucleation in ternary
Al-Cu-Ni alloys

J. Kundin, E. Pogorelov, H. Emmerich
The simulations of the solidification of thernary Al-Cu-Ni alloys by means of a general multi-phase-field model for the arbitrary number of phases reveal that the real microstructure can be generated by coupling the real thermodynamic parameters of phases and the evolution equations. The stability requirements on individual interfaces for model functions guarantee an absence of "ghost" phases in a $n$-dimensional phase-field space. The special constructed thermal noise terms disturb the stability and can produce the heterogeneous nucleation of product phases in accordance to the energetic and concentration conditions. Of particular interest is that in triple points the nucleation of the forth phase occurs without additional noise. Another observation is the growth of the eutectic-like or peritectic-like structure in various alloys.
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