Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6158 (T. Jaouen et al.)

Layer-resolved study of Mg atom incorporation at MgO/Ag(001) buried

T. Jaouen, S. Tricot, G. Delhaye, B. Lépine, D. Sébilleau, G. Jézéquel, P. Schieffer
By combining x-ray excited Auger electron diffraction experiments and multiple scattering calculations we reveal a layer-resolved shift for the Mg KL23L23 Auger transition in MgO ultrathin films (4-6 \AA) on Ag(001). This resolution is exploited to demonstrate the possibility to control Mg atoms incorporation at the MgO/Ag(001) interface by exposing the MgO films to a Mg flux. A substantial reduction of the MgO/Ag(001) work function is observed during the exposition phase and reflects, both band-offset variations at the interface and band bending effects in the oxide film.
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