Sunday, August 4, 2013

1308.0171 (Debangsu Roy et al.)

Control of magnetization reversal in oriented Strontium Ferrite thin

Debangsu Roy, P S Anil Kumar
Oriented Strontium Ferrite films with the c axis orientation were deposited with varying oxygen partial pressure on Al2O3(0001) substrate using PLD technique. The angle dependent magnetic hysteresis, remanent coercivity and temperature dependent coercivity had been employed to understand the magnetization reversal of these films. It was found that the Strontium Ferrite thin film grown at lower (higher) oxygen partial pressure shows Stoner-Wohlfarth type (Kondorsky like) reversal. The relative importance of pinning and nucleation processes during magnetization reversal is used to explain the type of the magnetization reversal with different oxygen partial pressure during growth.
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