Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6753 (J. Roqueta et al.)

Chemical Diffusion at Mixed Ionic Electronic Semiconductor Interfaces
and comparison with La2NiO4+d epitaxial thin films

J. Roqueta, A. Apostolidis, J. Chaigneau, R. Moreno, J. Zapata, M. Burriel, J. Santiso
A simple model to describe Mixed Ionic Electronic Conductors (MIEC) in terms of standard semiconductor physics is described. This model allows to understand defect equilibrium and charge transport at ideal heterojunctions between materials simultaneously conducting electronic and ionic point defects and to explore how rectifying effects on the electronic or ionic currents may affect the chemical diffusion and voltage at the interfaces under polarization. We found qualitatively good agreement with experimental measurements of the electrical conductivity relaxation of La2NiO4+d thin films epitaxially grown on NdGaO3 (110) substrates when the possible oxygen exchange between film and substrate is taken into account. We discuss the implications of this model to understand space charge layer formation and chemical diffusion on oxide thin film heterostructures when exposed to high temperatures and different oxygen partial pressures.
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