Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6671 (Rami Hajj Hussein et al.)

Near-forward Raman scattering by bulk and surface phonon-polaritons in
the model percolation-type ZnBeSe alloy

Rami Hajj Hussein, Olivier Pagès, Franciszek Firszt, Wojtek Paszkowicz, Alain Maillard
We study the bulk and surface phonon-polaritons of the Zn0.67Be0.33Se zincblende alloy by near-forward Raman scattering. The short (Be-Se) bond exhibits a distinct percolation doublet in the conventional backscattering Raman spectra, corresponding to a three-mode behavior in total [1(Zn-Se),2(Be-Se)] for Zn0.67Be0.33Se. This offers an opportunity to achieve a refined understanding of the phonon-polariton modes of a zincblende alloy beyond the current two-mode approximation, corresponding to a [1(Zn-Se),1(Be-Se)] description in the present case. The discussion is supported by contour modeling of the Raman signals of the multi-mode bulk and surface phonon-polaritons within the formalism of the linear dielectric response.
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