Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4745 (Pengke Li et al.)

Anisotropy-driven spin relaxation in germanium    [PDF]

Pengke Li, Jing Li, Lan Qing, Hanan Dery, Ian Appelbaum
A unique spin depolarization mechanism, induced by the presence of g-factor anisotropy and intervalley scattering, is revealed by spin transport measurements on long-distance germanium devices in a longitudinal magnetic field. The confluence of electron-phonon scattering (leading to Elliott-Yafet spin flips) and this previously unobserved physics enables the extraction of spin lifetime solely from spin-valve measurements, without spin precession, and in a regime of substantial electric-field-generated carrier heating. We find spin lifetimes in Ge up to several hundreds of ns at low temperature, far beyond any other available experimental results.
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