Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4495 (Jun-Qiang Lu et al.)

Nanoscale capacitance: a classical charge-dipole approximation    [PDF]

Jun-Qiang Lu, Jonathan Gonzalez, Carlos Sierra, Yang Li
Modeling nanoscale capacitance presents particular challenge because of dynamic contribution from electrodes, which can usually be neglected in modeling of macroscopic capacitance and nanoscale conductance. We present a model to calculate capacitances of nano-gap configurations and define effective capacitances of nanoscale structures. The model is implemented by using of a classical atomic charge-dipole approximation and applied to calculate capacitance of a carbon nanotube nano-gap and effective capacitance of a buckyball inside the nano-gap. Our results show that capacitance of the carbon nanotube nano-gap increases with length of electrodes which demonstrates the important roles played by the electrodes in dynamic properties of nanoscale circuits.
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