Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3854 (Dušan Plašienka et al.)

New amorphous forms of solid CO2 from ab initio molecular dynamics    [PDF]

Dušan Plašienka, Roman Martoňák
By employing ab initio molecular dynamics simulations at constant pressure, we investigated behavior of amorphous carbon dioxide between 0-100 GPa and 200-500 K and found several new amorphous forms. We focused on evolution of the high-pressure tetrahedral amorphous form known as a-carbonia on its way down to zero pressure, where it eventually converts into a molecular amorphous solid. During decompression, two nonmolecular amorphous forms with different proportion of three and four-coordinated carbons and two mixed molecular-nonmolecular forms were observed. Transformation from a-carbonia to the molecular state appears to proceed discontinuously via several intermediate stages. This suggests that solid CO2 might belong to the group of materials exhibiting polyamorphism. We also studied relations of the amorphous forms to their crystalline counterparts. The predominantly four-coordinated a-carbonia is related to phase V according to their structural properties, while existence of the mixed forms may reflect hypothetical metastable three coordinated polymeric phase composed of linear chains. Our molecular amorphous form seems to be related to phase I according to molecular coordination and their relative bond orientations.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.3854

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