Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3776 (Roshnee Sahoo et al.)

Effect of annealing on the magnetic, magnetocaloric and
magnetoresistance properties of Ni-Co-Mn-Sb melt spun ribbons

Roshnee Sahoo, D. M. Raj Kumar, D. Arvindha Babu, K. G. Suresh, A. K. Nigam, M. Manivel Raja
The structural, magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetotransport properties of Ni46Co4Mn38Sb12 melt spun ribbons have been systematically investigated. The partially ordered B2 phase of the as-spun ribbon transforms to fully ordered L21 phase upon annealing, which signifies a considerable change of the atomic ordering in the system. The presence of atomic disorder in the as-spun ribbon gives rise to a higher martensitic transition temperature and a lower magnetization as compared to the bulk sample. However, annealing the ribbons helps in regaining the bulk properties to a large extent. Significant changes in magnetocaloric effect, exchange bias and magnetoresistance have been observed between the as-spun and the annealed ribbons, indicating the role of atomic ordering on the functional as well as fundamental properties in the Heusler system. Importantly, the study shows that one can reduce the hysteresis loss by preparing melt spun alloys and subjecting them to appropriate annealing conditions, which enable them to become practical magnetic refrigerants.
View original: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.3776

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