Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2502 (Xuewen Fu et al.)

Tailoring exciton dynamics by elastic strain-gradient in semiconductors    [PDF]

Xuewen Fu, Cong Su, Qiang Fu, Xinli Zhu, Rui Zhu, Chuanpu Liu, Jun Xu, Ji Feng, Ju Li, Dapeng Yu
As device miniaturization approaches the atomic limit, it becomes highly desirable to exploit novel paradigms for tailoring electronic structures and carrier dynamics in materials. Elastic strain can in principle be applied to achieve reversible and fast control of such properties, but it remains a great challenge to create and utilize precisely controlled inhomogeneous deformation in semiconductors. Here, we take a combined experimental and theoretical approach to demonstrate that elastic strain-gradient can be created controllably and reversibly in ZnO micro/nanowires. In particular, we show that the inhomogeneous strain distribution creates an effective field that fundamentally alters the dynamics of the neutral excitons. As the basic principles behind these results are quite generic and applicable to most semiconductors, this work points to a novel route to a wide range of applications in electronics, optoelectronics, and photochemistry.
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