Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2489 (Karen E. Daniels et al.)

Correlations between electrical and mechanical signals during granular
stick-slip events

Karen E. Daniels, Caroline Bauer, Troy Shinbrot
Powders and grains exhibit unpredictable jamming-to-flow transitions that manifest themselves on geophysical scales in catastrophic slip events such as landslides and earthquakes, and on laboratory/industrial scales in profound processing difficulties. Over the past few years, insight into these transitions has been provided by new evidence that slip events may accompanied, or even preceded, by electrical effects. In the present work, we quantify the correlation between slip and the separation of electrical charges, using an archetypal granular material: photoelastic polymers. We measure a strong correlation between material displacement, acoustic emissions, and voltage. We find that the generation of voltage is associated with surface, rather than bulk properties of the granular materials. While voltage precursors are only occasionally observed in this system, there is some asymmetry in the cross-correlation between the slip and voltage signals that indicates differences between the pre-slip and post-slip dynamics.
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