Thursday, June 20, 2013

1306.4378 (R. Escudero et al.)

Glassy magnetic behavior in the metamagnetic DyAlO3 doped with Cr    [PDF]

R. Escudero, B. L. Ruiz-Herrera, M. P. Jimenez, F. Morales
Magnetic properties of DyAl$_{0.926}$Cr$_{0.074}$O$_3$ and DyAlO$_3$ were studied. We found that both compounds are antiferromagnetic with a low N\'eel transition temperature. At higher temperatures the magnetic characteristics show a Curie-Weiss dependence. The N\'eel temperature disappears when a field of about 2 T is applied, the system changes from an antiferromagnetic to a weak ferromagnetic behavior due to a metamagnetic transition. Furthermore, AC magnetic measurements in the Cr doped compound, at different frequencies, show a spin glass-like behavior. These transitions were studied and corroborated by specific heat measurements. We found the presence of metamagnetism and spin glass in the compound doped with chromium, determining that the small addition of chromium atoms modifies the magnetic properties of the compound DyAlO$_3$, resulting in new features such as the spin glass-like behavior.
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