Thursday, December 6, 2012

1212.1141 (Mikhail Khenner)

Analysis of a combined influence of substrate wetting and surface
electromigration on a thin film stability and dynamical morphologies

Mikhail Khenner
A PDE-based model combining surface electromigration and wetting is developed for the analysis of morphological stability of ultrathin solid films. Adatom mobility is assumed anisotropic, and two directions of the electric field (parallel and perpendicular to the surface) are discussed and contrasted. Linear stability analyses of small-slope evolution equations are performed, followed by computations of fully nonlinear parametric evolution equations that permit surface overhangs. The results reveal parameter domains of instability for wetting and non-wetting films and variable electric field strength, nonlinear steady-state solutions in certain cases, and interesting coarsening behavior for strongly wetting films.
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